Masked Desires Excerpt

MaskedDesires_ebook_Final2When Abigail Clark agrees to join her best friend on a getaway to New Orleans, she has no idea what’s in store for her. After her friend coaxes her into attending a Masquerade Ball, Abigail finds herself stuck in an awkward situation. However, she is delightfully caught off guard when Daniel Lérue, a gorgeous younger man shows interest in her.

He offers her a night filled with unforgettable passion. With that, he awakens a sexual appetite that has been dormant for quite some time.

Will she shy away from her body’s masked desires or surrender to the call of untamed lust? MaskedDesires_fbcover2

Masked Desires Excerpt

Three men were huddled around a table at the far corner of the bar area, where they conversed and laughed. By the way they were dressed, it looked like they’d just stepped off the stage of a Shakespearian play. Their costumes were stylishly dated, perfect for a Masquerade ball, capes and all. Neither one of them appeared to be in our age bracket. In fact, they looked like cougar bait.

I pushed out an inward groan. God, I feel so old.

The man Allison had her eyes on, a smooth cocoa brother with a wavy fade, snapped his attention our way. The two men by his sides―one looked Latin and the other white―followed suit.

Uh-oh. I fidgeted uncomfortably under their steady gazes.

Allison, on the other hand, flashed a megawatt smile, and assumed a provocative stance, sticking her voluptuous assets out for their gratification. “Looks like they’re going to a Masquerade as well.” The words slid off Allison’s tongue like she’d just tasted something scrumptious. “One of every flavor. A yummy man swirl.”

Oh goodness, trouble!

No doubt about it. I was about to be yanked into an awkward and highly uncomfortable situation. The pounding beneath my chest quickened at the sparkle in Allison’s steely blue eyes, and the developing interest from the stunning young men across the way.

I inched towards the exit, desperate to get out of the building before Allison made her move. “Let’s go and get our cab, Ally. Running late, remember?”

Her white gloved hand caught me by the wrist. “Trying to run out on me, honey?”

“I’m trying to go hail a cab. You cursed me out for making us late and now you want to set us back further?”

“They are worth the set back.” Smirking, she followed up with, “Besides, the party doesn’t start until we arrive anyway.”

“No, girl. I see what you’re about to do, and I’m not okay with it.” I tried to sound stern and serious, but the alcohol sailing through my system made my voice waver. Dang, I’m a lightweight.

“Uh-huh, right,” she muttered. “Let’s go see if they’re going to the same ball.”

“Please don’t do this.” I found myself being dragged across the cream tiles toward the bar area. “Allison, don’t…”

The closer we got to the threesome, the hotter they became. By the time we stepped onto the carpeted area, I wasn’t resisting anymore. What’s the use anyway? Allison was going to drag me into the fray one way or another.

Three pairs of seductive eyes looked us both up and down before Mr. Extra Fine Chocolate Milk extended a hand to me. “I must be in a dream.” His rich baritone flowed over me like soothing water. “My boys and I were wondering where we would find dates at the last minute, and here you ladies are.”

Allison darted in front of me and took his offered hand.

Snorting, I rolled my eyes. Oh yeah, that’s right. Dibs.

“I’m Anthony, and these are my boys, Edgardo and Danny.”

“Well, hello boys,” Allison purred in a deep southern accent, which all of a sudden came out of nowhere. “I’m Ava and this here is my best girl, Destiny.”

Destiny? What the flip? Lord only knew how far she would take this stage act, and by association, cast me in a role as well. No way. I’m not going to play along with this foolishness.

Destiny. What an intriguing name.” The man introduced as Danny flipped his shoulder cape back and eased around the table to greet me, with the anxious Edgardo on his heels.

A mesmerizing green gaze seized me where I stood. Danny had a head full of dusty blonde hair, which curled ever so slightly at the ends.

Edgardo, the sexy Latino, had his raven hair drawn back in a ponytail, which showcased his chiseled jawline and stormy brown eyes.

But my attention was drawn back to the insanely attractive Danny. Those sultry eyes had me captivated. Okay, maybe I’ll play along with Allison’s stage act for just a little while.Smashwords


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