The Dragon Queen Series

**Often compared to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward, the Dark-Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon, and even the Vampire Huntress Legend by the late, great LA Banks, The Dragon Queen Series will take you on a thrill ride that’s guaranteed to leave you wanting more.**

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Silent Screams Book 1

SilentScreams2R&B sensation, Sharayna “Rayne” Piers, lives her life dedicated to her music. On stage and in the studio, she pours her heart and soul into the lyrics of her songs, hoping to deliver a piece of herself to the listeners. But ever since her twentieth birthday, her seemingly normal life has taken a turn to the dark side.

Piercing screams and horrendous acts of murder seizes her mind, haunting her night and day. Women similar to her in age are vanishing all over the world without a trace. It leaves Rayne wondering if the rash of disappearances is connected to her visions.

Soon, she will discover the world she was raised in is just a cover for what really hides in the shadows, and that her life as a human is a deception to mankind, a guise to conceal her true nature. Will she shun the darkness that has befallen her or step up to the throne and become what she was created to be?


Want to meet the sultry Demetri Bithanos from the Dragon Queen Series? CLICK HERE

Shadows & Dust Book 1.5 

ShadowsnDust2“Things are so different now. Clouds of demons are shrouding the world. I missed the good ole’ days, when a little silver and holy water got the job done.” ~ Havoc 

When darkness falls, Vampire Huntress Joan “Havoc” Dawson and her team gears up and steps out to meet the evil as it threatens to spill onto the streets of mankind.

On the second anniversary of her sister’s death, Havoc finds herself lured into a rundown neighborhood by an unknown entity. She stumbles upon a dark secret, one that’s guaranteed to claim many innocent lives.

But in order to destroy the creature behind the madness, Havoc may have to surrender her soul to the darkness.


Scarlet Moon Book 2

When consumed by ecstasy under the blood moon, will Rayne surrender to her inner demon?

ScarletMoon2Sharayna “Rayne” Piers has been plunged into a world of darkness, and stripped of her humanity. Half angel and half demon vampire, she is the mythical Dragon Queen, a birthright she finds difficult to accept. She struggles with the dual side of her psyche of good and evil, while fighting the growing urge to sate her unnatural hunger for human blood.

Lucius, the powerful spawn of Satan has risen from hell and released his demons to scour the earthly realm in search of the Dragon Queen. He’s determined to claim her as his mate and use her blood to overthrow his father, so he can take command over the seven levels of hell.

As Rayne’s protector, Demetri Bithanos fights to prevent the master demon from claiming his Queen. As her consort, he struggles with his aching need to be loved by her. But the dark lust of her vampiric nature reaches for the creature who desires to use her blood to fulfill his evil ambitions.

Can Demetri destroy Lucius before Rayne embraces the dark forces growing within her?


Shifting Darkness Book 2.5

“I’ve often asked myself, could I have you without hurting you; rouse your body in ways you never knew possible without tripping over to the dark side of my nature and taking my desire for you too far? How can I resist, when I want you more than my next breath?” ~ Tajaé ZhangShiftingDarkness2

An unseen war is brewing in the shadowy underworld of London. Dr. Faith Miller, a local pathologist, is exposed to the horrific reality when she stumbles upon her brother consuming the flesh of his lover.

Tajaé Zhang, the second in command of the UK based black panther pack of the Chalvaiz clan, and his fellow shifters have been systematically exterminating the walking corpses—zombies, in an attempt to control the rapidly spreading demon virus.

Secretly, he has observed Faith from afar for months. His attraction for her has grown into an untamable love. After she’s bitten and infected with the virus, Tajaé defies the laws of the shifter packs and puts his life on the line to save hers.


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20 responses to “The Dragon Queen Series

  1. Hello I was wondering when book 3 in the dragon queen series will come out? I read in scarlet moon in the fall….I was just wondering if it is still on track. Thank you! Love your books.

    • Aw, don’t be sad. I promise to feed your curiosity. First of all, thank you kindly for your support. It is greatly appreciated.
      I must apologize for the delay. When I severed ties with my former publisher, it set me back on the releases.
      Before I release book 3, there will be another extended story to the series released, titled Shifting Darkness.
      Book 3, Scattered Flames will be released either in December or January. 🙂

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  6. I just finished reading all the books available for the Dragon Queen Series. This series is addicting, a movie needs to be made! I am ready to read book 3 but when will it be released.

    • Thank you so much! I’m elated that you are enjoying the series. The next book, Scattered Flames, will release late this year. Stay tuned to this blog for upcoming dates. Thank you again for your support.

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  10. Hi Yvonne,

    Not sure if you respond to these but I figured I’d give it a try. This series is pretty amazing and had my rooted to each book. I’d really love to read the final book. Will there be a final book?


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