Demetri Bithanos

Name: Demetri Bithanos

Drawn by Takeia Dunlop

Age: Mortal 19 / Immortal 256

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 212

Body Type: Muscled and lean

Complexion: White

Eye Color: Blue-green

Hair Color: Black

Place of birth: The city of Rome

Date of Birth: March 14th

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Mother: Prisca Bithanos

Father: Ditric Florius

Siblings: Maurisio Bithanos

Personality: Reserved, methodical, cunning, graceful but deadly

Weapons: Spirit katana (Katsumi)

Favorite Color: Black


Demetri, the hero of the Dragon Queen series, is a Xsonri – demon vampire. Rayne’s demon father, Kaishan, turned Demetri immortal to be Rayne’s consort and to protect her from the demons seeking her blood, which is said to hold the ultimate force.

In the process, he suffers his inner demon’s need to taste her blood and gain what every demon is after.

Want to meet this sexy demon vampire?

Demetri Bithanos drawn by Takeia Dunlop and colored by Kyle Chaney

One response to “Demetri Bithanos

  1. Love the art work for Demetri and Rayne. It would be great to see a drawing of Tajae Zhang, in addition to the novel cover.

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